6 Halloween costume inspirations for 2019

Spook and scoot to your next Halloween Party!

 Still figuring out what Halloween costume to dress up in? Fear not, we got you covered. Here’s a list of our favourite costume inspirations in 2019. Steal the look and rock out at your next Halloween party!

1. Pennywise, It Chapter Two

“It’s time to float!” 

What’s scarier than a clown? A dancing clown, perhaps. Based on the classic novel by Stephen King, Pennywise is probably one of the most iconic characters from modern day horror films. All you need is a face paint and some red balloons to pass off as the evil clown from Derry. 

Pennywise from IT

2. Stranger Things

Probably Netflix’s most successful series, Stranger Things is also one of the most popular, go-to shows for Halloween costumes inspirations. There are plenty of iconic characters and moments throughout its three seasons to choose from – think Eleven with her favourite eggo waffles to Steve’s Scoops Ahoy uniform.

Eleven and the gang from Netflix's Stranger Things

But our favourite this year? Definitely Alexei and his 7/11 Cherry Slurpee. We’ve seen stranger things around but this definitely takes the cake.

Alexei from Stranger Things Season 3

3. Area 51

“Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us!”

Area 51 Meme

Well, we guess alien life matters too. The meme that became a global phenomenon in 2019 has also spawned various events across the world. ET? Alien raider? Whether you’re a skeptic or true believer, there’s definitely something for you to dress up as. 

4. Avengers

Avengers, assemble. Endgame was definitely a bittersweet end to Marvel’s most popular, long-running superhero franchise. The swansong episode also proved to be a rich source of jokes, memes and cultural references worldwide. Think Thanos, NoobMaster69, Fat Thor and the list goes on.

Thanos from Avengers Endgame

Safe to say that this was… inevitable.

5. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s annual Halloween Heist is definitely one to remember. Why not kick it up a notch by dressing up as your favourite NYPD detective. Put on your best Captain Holt impersonation and lead your squad for a night out. Roger that?

Brooklyn Nine Nine

6. Joker

Who’s laughing now? Joaquin Phoenix’s stellar per

If dancing clown was never a thing, it is probably now. 

Now that you’ve settled on your costume, it’s time to think about getting to the party itself. Travel in style and ride with Neuron. It’s time to spook and scoot to your next party. Trust us, it isn’t as scary as it seems! 

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