7 Coffee spots to visit in Brisbane

Our favourite go-to coffee spots in the capital city of Queensland

For most Australians, coffee isn’t just a daily caffeine fix, it’s a way of life. When it comes to a good cuppa joe, they know their stuff. While Melbourne is often dubbed the coffee capital of Australia, the coffee scene in the Brisbane is also on the grow. This International Coffee Day, we’ve curated a list of our favourite coffee spots in Brisbane city!

1. Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology
Cappuccino served in a Tiffany blue ceramic cup at Coffee Anthology (Photo by @love_kailyn)

Anthology refers to a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler, in this case, it’s coffee. Founded by Adam Wang in 2014, Coffee Anthology is located at Margaret Street, along the city’s towering CBD office blocks. 

Their coffee offering on the menu changes daily as Adam rotates and features blends, single origins from different roasters across the country.

Coffee Anthology
Brunch served right – Chili Scramble Egg with Smoked Salmon (Photo by @chuichatchavee)

126 Margaret Street, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am – 3:30pm, Saturday: 7.30am – 12noon, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Facebook, Instagram

2. John Mills Himself

John Mills Himself
Grab a cuppa on the go from John Mills Himself (photo by @maggieeatstoomuch)

Cafe by day, bar by night and housed within a heritage-listed warehouse, John Mills Himself (JMH) has transformed from Brisbane’s best kept secret to one of the city’s favourite coffee spots.

Their philosophy is for sustainable profit and they aim to maximise quality, environmental sustainability and best practice ethics.

John Mills Himself
Iced black with a dash of milk (photo by @nutsjourney_)

JMH offer a selection of locally roasted beans, on rotation. In addition to the standard espresso based drinks, they also serve V60 pour-overs and cold bottled coffee.

Complete your morning by pairing your coffee with a pastry baked fresh from Crust and Co and Leavain Bakeries.

Address: 40 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6.30am – 3.30pm, 4-10pm, Saturday: 4-10pm, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

3. Blackstar Coffee

Known for its signature cold-pressed, bottled coffee, Blackstar Coffee has grown from its humble beginnings at Davies Park Markets, expanding to 2 more outlets in West End.

Blackstar Coffee
Grab a bite and cuppa at Blackstar Coffee (photo by @coffzzlife)

Want to savour the same Blackstar brew in the comfort of your own home? You can also purchase beans for their signature house blend, as well as various brewing equipment.

Cold pressed coffee from Blackstar Coffee
Blackstar’s signature cold pressed, bottled coffee

44 Thomas St, West End QLD 4101, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7.00am – 5.00pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

4. Bunker Coffee

Bunker Coffee
Coffee bar at Bunker (photo by @imco.lau)

Bunker Coffee stays true to its name and it is located in an actual air raid bunker from World War II.

Bunker Coffee
One of the best hot chocolate in Brisbane (photo by @molly880221)

Aside from serving specialty coffee, customers can also get to enjoy some of Brisbane’s best hot chocolates in this little, cosy hole-in-the-wall.

Address: 21 Railway Terrace, Milton QLD 4064, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6am – 3.30pm, Saturday: 6.30am – 12.30pm, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

5. Brendan’s Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge

Brendan’s Cafe On The Goodwill Bridge
Coffee with a view (photo by @patjoejohn)

No prizes for guessing where you can find this cafe. Don’t be deceived by its unassuming look, the little shaded kiosk is probably Brisbane’s most unique coffee spots. 

Brendan's Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge
Enjoy the view from the Goodwill Bridge (photo by @triplemtri)

Using locally roasted beans from Merlo Coffee, pair your coffee with a selection of home-made bakes. Brendan and his dedicated team serves up one of the most scenic and memorable experiences, one could ever imagine.

Address:Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 5am – 2.30pm; Sunday: 5.30am – 6pm
Contact: Website, Facebook

6. Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme
When coffee calls (photo by @xe_nia)

Previously known as Day Made, the New Zealand roaster has been supplying some of Brisbane’s best cafes including Nodo, Scout and Alphabet. It’s flagship outlet at Woolloongabba offers a range of espresso, batch brew, cold filter, seasonal blends and rotating single origins.

Coffee Supreme
A cup of hot Americano (photo by @grassfedman)

Tucked with its chic furnishings and minimalist vibes, they also feature a diverse selection of brunch picks on their menu, from loaded croissants to signature burgers. Be sure to try out or add a dash of their signature naughty milk, which is made up of organic whole and sweetened condensed milk.

Address: 3c Gibbon St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 2pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

7. Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee
Coffee served with a golden spoon (photo by @ koospick)

The folks at Campos Coffee believes that coffee only taste good when it’s made ethically, sustainably and with care. As one of the OG cafes around Fortitude Valley, Campos Coffee has established themselves as one of the locals’ favourite.

For coffee snobs who are interested to learn more, they also organise cupping sessions in their bean bunker room over the weekends. Do check out their page for more details.

Address:887 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6am – 4.30pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Getting there

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