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7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour

Blog 11 May 2019 Supermoms at work 11 May 2019 Climate change is real and the need to protect our environment has never been greater. Over the last few years, organisations and individuals have …

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Scooter sharing in Singapore?

Is it easy to use a Neuron scooter? Would it be safe?! For Aloysia, it was only her second trip when she decided to embark on an 18km scooting trail with her friends along the Marina Bay area and she has never looked back since. Here are her personal tips for a #SaferRide with Neuron 🛴🕶️

Posted by Neuron Mobility on Friday, June 28, 2019
Why is everyone riding an electric scooter these days?!

Have you ever wondered why do people scoot? Where are they actually going to? Is it even safe? 🤔🛴For Lester, a regular PMD user in Singapore - it's not just a mode of transport for him to get to work, but also a way to discover a different side of Singapore. Here are some tips from his experience for a #SaferRide!

Posted by Neuron Mobility on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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