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5 Places to Break Your Fast this Ramadan in Cyberjaya

Places you can enjoy iftar in Cyberjaya with your friends and family this Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the busiest months for Muslims everywhere. People flock to the bazaars to try out the latest food trend or get their bajus tailored for the upcoming Eid holiday. Some may simply stay at home to break fast with their families. Ramadan is also a busy month for families and long-lost friends who meet for a meal.

Planning to eat out with your family or friends soon? Here are 5 places you can eat to break your fast this Ramadan!

1. myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab offers a menu inspired from the famous In-N-Out and ShakeShack fast food chain. They offer a wide range of burgers on their menu: beef, chicken, fish and even vegetarian patties!

The Beautiful Mess 5.0 burger (RM21) has a cheddar beef patty topped with deep fried portobello mushrooms, honey mustard and a sunny side up egg.


Enjoy the outdoor atmosphere as you dine over their heart burgers. Their price ranges from RM5.50 to RM27.50.

2. Salam Noodles

Feeling like having noodles instead? Enjoy traditional noodle dishes with free-flow drinks from Chinese-Muslim owned restaurant, Salam Noodles! Their simple menu offers a variety of noodles, rice and roasted meat from as low as RM7.90. You can enjoy iftar with your family and friends without breaking the bank.

Enjoy a bowl of braised chicken soup noodles for just RM8.50! (Credits: Hungry Go Where)

3. Saba Restaurant

Break away from the common sights of your dining room and dine with your family at the Saba Restaurant. The Middle Eastern restaurant offers large spaces for big families to dine in for iftar. They have a Ramadan all-you-can-eat buffet special for the fasting month, where you can fill up your plates for just RM59.90!  

Treat yourself to an endless choices of dishes from appetisers to desserts at the Saba Restaurant. (Credit: Saba Restaurant Facebook)

4. Ole Ole Bali

Get a taste of Bali at Ole Ole Bali! The restaurant offers a local Indonesian cuisine including a Western-fusion menu for those who wants a mix of both. The restaurant has a unique seating plan where diners could sit on mats to eat, creating a comfortable homely atmosphere.

Tuck yourself to authentic Indonesian food at Ole Ole Bali! (Credit: Malaysian Foodie)

5. Volcano Shabu Shabu Restaurant

Volcano Shabu Shabu is an all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet restaurant where you can enjoy Korean, Chinese, and Malaysian delicacies all in one sitting! You can enjoy a hearty iftar at Volcano Shabu Shabu from a low cost of RM29.90. 

Enjoy multiple fresh cuisines in one sitting at the Volcano Shabu Shabu without breaking the bank! (Credit:

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