Neuron in Auckland


Operating hours

5am – 11pm Daily

The following areas are No Riding Zones

Between 9pm – 5am
on Friday and Saturday nights

Wynyard Quarter
Viaduct Harbour
Karangahape Road
Mission Bay

Please plan your route around these
No Riding Zones for a smooth journey.


Rates & Passes

Pay Per Ride

‎NZ$1.00 + NZ$0.38 / min

Unlock our scooters from
NZ$1.00 and ‎NZ$0.38 / min.

Save more with Neuron Passes


3-Day Pass


  • Valid for 3 days
  • As many rides as you want for 90 minutes per day
  • NZ$1 unlock fee waived
  • Save up to 75%*


Weekly Pass


  • Valid for 7 days
  • As many rides as you want for
    90 minutes per day
  • NZ$1 unlock fee waived
  • Save up to 85%*


Monthly Pass


  • Valid for 30 days
  • As many rides as you want for
    90 minutes per day
  • NZ$1 unlock fee waived
  • Save up to 90%*

Please note that subscription passes are non-refundable. Terms and Conditions apply.
* Based on price for 90 minutes per day using Pay Per Ride


Is Neuron Mobility coming to Auckland?

Yes, we are! We’re thrilled that we will be rolling out our fleet of Neuron N3 scooters to the city of Auckland in New Zealand.

When will Neuron start operating in Auckland?

We’ve just arrived! Our next-generation N3 e-scooters will be available to hire from 10 January.

There are other scooters available in the city. Why should we ride with Neuron?

Auckland is an exciting market which is why several players are keen to meet the local demand for micromobility solutions.

We’re a bit biased here so you can take our word with a grain of salt but we usually tell people about the following:

  • It is a comfortable ride – the wider deck and 12” wheels provide unprecedented stability even on challenging terrains.
  • Ride with your family and friends – you can unlock up to five N3 scooters from your Neuron account.
  • We do our best to keep you safe – our scooters are equipped with technology to ensure you have a safer ride such as downhill slope anti-acceleration and automatic, geofenced based speed regulation.
  • We help our users comply with regulations – we know that it’s sometimes difficult to ascertain riding rules, even in your own local community so we do our best to assist you in understanding these before your first ride.
  • We reward good riding behaviour – we provide incentives for wearing helmets and parking responsibly!
  • The more sustainable option – our electric scooters produce zero carbon emissions, making our rides greener for the environment

Can’t wait? Here’s a quick how-to guide to get you started for your first Neuron ride. Most importantly, safety first!

Are those good enough reasons to choose Neuron?

Well, if the reasons above are not convincing enough, why don’t you tell us! One of the advantages of being a startup with a key focus on the Asia Pacific region is our ability to iterate fast to meet the local needs and demands of the city.

For example, we are currently testing a Reserve Your Scooter feature in Brisbane City which allows users to book their scooters in advance.

Tell us more about what features you want us to launch with at

Can I be a Juicer (Charger) for Neuron?

Neuron is on a battery swapping model so you don’t need to bring our scooters home to charge them.

Well, are you hiring for anything else then?

Of course! We’re committed to building a strong, local team in Auckland. For enquiries on potential job openings, drop us a message at and our dedicated team will get in touch with you directly.

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