• UNLIMITED rides at $4.27 a day

    E-Scooter for Delivery

  • How It Works

    Scan, Scoot, Return!

    We've heard from many delivery riders about the hassle of lugging a scooter to and from the city for work, the inconvenience when a scooter runs out of battery mid order, and the high costs of repair and maintenance when there's a sudden breakdown. To tackle these problems, we came up with a simple solution: e-scooter sharing.



    1. Scan QR code on
    handlebar to activate scooter


    2. Start scooting

    3. To finish your ride,
    'end trip' in-app; to pause your ride while collecting an order, simply 'lock' the scooter in-app

  • Key Benefits

    We take care of everything, so you don't have to.


    Battery Charged

    Ever had to miss a peak hour shift because of low battery? Those days are over. Simply grab another charged scooter and start accepting those orders!


    Over 40 locations

    With over 40 stations within the CBD, easily pick up and return a scooter at a station near you. No more lugging your scooter on the MRT!


    Maintenance Covered

    Never have to worry about sudden breakdowns or expensive repair costs on your scooter again. We've got you covered.


    At only $4.27/day

    You heard us right. At less than the cost of a meal a day, get 30-days access to UNLIMITED rides on the Neuron network!

  • The Charges

    Instead of charging per use, we've come up with an exclusive pricing for delivery riders that gives you the most value for money. As an introductory offer, the Neuron Delivery Pass will go at only $128/month, which works out to $4.27/day.

    To ensure enough charged scooters for all our users, we're limiting the no. of monthly passes for sale to 20. Sales will be stopped once 20 passes are sold, so fastest fingers first!

  • Get Started

  • 1


    Download the
    Neuron Share app


    Buy Pass

    Under Monthly Pass,

    select the $128 pass and click 'Purchase'


    Link Card

    Link your credit

    or debit card for payment


    Start Scooting

    Annndddd you're
    ready to scoot!

  • The App

    Download the 'Neuron Share' app

    to start scooting!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    All you need to know

    Are there any other additional costs e.g. deposits, admin, or finance charges?

    Nope. We believe in being transparent in our charges. You pay only a flat rate of $128 a month.


    I wanna try your service out first before I buy a monthly subscription. Is there any way to do so?

    Sure! There is a pay-as-you-use option available in the app as well, where you pay only for however long you ride. Charges are $1 to start + $0.12/min.


    Does the validity of the monthly pass follow the calendar month or does it end 30-days after from the day I buy the pass?
    It ends 30-days after from the day you buy the pass. For example, if the pass is purchased on 12th October, it is valid for a 30-day period, till 23:59 of 11th November.


    Can you guarantee that scooters will be available for me if I buy your monthly pass?

    The service works on a demand-supply basis. We are working hard to ensure enough supply at stations so that each user can get a scooter when they need it. On the demand side, we're limiting the sales of monthly passes to 20 to ensure we can meet the needs of all users. With these measures, we are confident there will be sufficient scooters for you.


    Where can I pick up/drop off a scooter?
    We have over 40 locations within the CBD from which you can pick up or drop off a scooter. You can view all stations in-app when you download the app.

    How will I be charged?

    You will be asked to link your credit or debit card to the account for payment to be deducted.

    How long can I ride a scooter for?
    Our scooters have a range of ~36km, and can last 3 to 4 hours of riding on a full charge, with the variance dependent on factors like terrain, weight of the rider, etc. For this reason, while the pass allows you to take unlimited trips within a 30-day period, each trip is capped at 4 hours.


    I'm not sure I fully understand - what do you mean each trip is capped at 4 hours?
    When you scan a scooter to start a trip, the scooter is yours to ride for up to 4 hours as that is the maximum range of a scooter. After 4 hours, it has to be returned to a station for us to recharge it. You can simply pick up another charged scooter to continue your deliveries.


    What happens if the scooter I'm using runs out of battery in the middle of an order?
    All our scooters come installed with a dashboard that indicates the remaining battery on the scooter. We recommend that you keep a close eye on it and swap your scooter for a charged one once it's battery level runs low to prevent this from happening.

    How should I secure the scooter when I'm collecting or dropping off an order and it's unattended?
    You can lock the scooter in-app to deactivate it so that the engine is shut off to ensure no one else is able to ride i

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