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  • How should I return the scooter?

    You may return the scooter to any of our parking stations marked by the orange 'P' icon in-app. If the location you parked at isn’t our parking spot, you will not able to end your trip and will incur $5 convenience fees. Do remember to select 'End Trip' in-app to complete your ride and for all charges to stop!


    Why am I being charged $5 when I try to end my trip?

    Local regulations require that users return scooters to a parking station as marked by the orange 'P' icon in-app. If the scooter is not returned to a station, a $5 convenience fee is imposed for our operators to return it on your behalf. Please drop us an in-app feedback to let us know where the scooter was left. The fee will not appear in your summary of charges if your trip is ended at a designated station marked by the orange 'P' icon in-app.


    Can I bring the scooter home?

    Users are not permitted to bring Neuron scooters home per the service terms of use.Anyone found doing so will be investigated and if wrongdoing is determined, faces a fine of $400 per scooter with a police report lodged.

    Is there a min. age ​to use your scooters?

    There are no legal prescriptions on age pertaining to e-scooter use, however, we recommend that children riding scooters independently should be closely supervised by an adult.


    I've never ridden an electric scooter before. Is it difficult to use?

    We have many individuals, both adults and children alike, who were able to immediately pick up scooting upon trying it. Hence, if you can ride a bicycle or have used a manual kick scooter before, you will certainly be able to scoot easily.


    How fast can your scooters go?

    In line with local governmental regulations, our scooters have 2 speeds - 15km/hr (on footpaths) and 25km/hr (on cycling or shared paths).

    Does the validity of the monthly pass follow the calendar month or does it end 30-days after from the day I buy the pass?

    It ends 30-days after from the day you buy the pass. For example, if the pass is purchased on 12th October, it is valid for a 30-day period, till 23:59 of 11th November.

    How do I identify a station?

    Parking stations are marked by an orange 'P' icon on the in-app map. Your current location is indicated by a blue dot on the map. If it shows on the map as at the orange 'P' icon, that means you are at a parking station and can end your trip.


    How should I keep the scooter secure if I wish to drop by the mall for a quick errand?

    You can lock the scooter in-app to deactivate it so that the engine is shut off to ensure no one else is able to ride it. Please be informed charges on the scooter continue to run while the scooter is locked.


    How will I be charged?

    You will be asked to link your credit or debit card to your in-app wallet for payment to be deducted.

    How far can I travel on a scooter?

    Our scooters can reach a range of 30-40km on a full charge, with the variance dependent on terrain conditions and weight of the rider. As a rough gauge, 30-40km will give you 2 to 3 hours of scooting time.


    Are there any local laws concerning electric scooters that I should be aware of?

    By Singapore law,

    (1) Speed limit: 15km/h on footpaths, 25km/h on cycling/shared paths

    (2) E-scooters are only allowed on footpaths and cycling/shared paths and may not be ridden on roads.

    (3) Failure to comply may result in a fine of up to $5,000, jail up to 6 months, or both.


    Can you guarantee that scooters will be available for me if I buy your monthly pass?

    The service works on a demand-supply basis. We are working hard to ensure enough supply at stations so that each user can get a scooter when they need it. On the demand side, we monitor the sales of passes closely and suspend it as necessary if it exceeds an optimal scooter to user ratio to ensure we can meet the needs of all users. With these measures, we are confident there will be sufficient scooters for you.

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