Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know to get started

  • What are your prices?
    Our rates vary by city. Please visit the individual city pages for pricing information.
  • Can I unlock multiple scooters from one user account?
    Each Neuron rider can only unlock and use one scooter per account. We are currently evaluating this feature and may enable it in future.
  • Where can I find your scooters?
    Our scooters are indicated by round icons in app. By clicking on the icon, you will be able to find details on the scooter’s estimated remaining range and battery level.
  • Why does the app say scooter unavailable when I scan to start trip?
    On occasion, there may be scooters that are on the ground which are unavailable for use due to several reasons such as low battery level or in temp lock status. If you encounter this, do look at the in-app map for the next available and nearest scooter to you.
  • What’s the minimum age for a rider?
    • 18 years of age
  • I logged in with a mobile number but did not receive my OTP/verification code.
    Use your Facebook or Google account to login instead as they do not require any verification code to your mobile number.
  • How do I unlock a scooter?
    Firstly, check that you have downloaded our Neuron app and signed up for a Neuron account. Once that’s out of the way, tap on the “Scan to ride” button on the app homepage and scan the QR code found on our scooter handlebars. If you’re not able to scan the QR code, just enter the number below the code manually within the scan page.
  • What should I check before I start scooting? 
    Before each ride, check that the scooter brakes, lights and horn are working. Learn more here.
  • What is a geofence?

    • Our geofence is marked by the “Ride Zone Boundary”. The non-shaded area in our app shows the area where you can ride our scooters. Don’t bring the scooters out of this area as you may be charged a penalty fee. The grey shaded area shows the no riding zone.
    • Scooter engine will be cut off once it ventures beyond the geofence so do ride only within the geofence area that you see in our app

  • I found a scooter outside the geofence, can I use it?
      • You will not be able to ride a scooter outside the geofence as our scooter engines will cut off once it is ridden outside the geofence. Please push the scooter back into the geofence area to start your ride.
  • What are Riding Zones?
    • Low Speed Zone: Our N3 scooters will automatically reduce speed when they enter a low speed zone. Speed limit varies between different Low Speed Zones, please refer to the in-app map for more details.
    • No Parking Zone: No scooters are allowed to end trip or be on temp lock within this zone.
    • No Riding Zone: Riders are not allowed to use the scooter in this zone.
  • Do I have to end my trip at a Parking Station?
    We encourage all Neuron riders to practice considerate riding habits so do try to end your trip at a Parking Station. Thanks for helping us keep public spaces safe and enjoyable for all!
  • Do I need a credit/debit card to start using Neuron?
    You will need to link a valid bank card to your Neuron account to start a trip. Please note that prepaid cards are not allowed.
  • Do my eWallet credits expire?
    Your eWallet credits will not expire, however they are non-refundable.
  • What is the pre-authorisation charge upon adding my credit/debit card?
    The pre-authorisation fee is a temporary hold on funds made to your payment card by your bank. Not to worry, this fee will be released as soon as your bank has verified the card. Do note that this is not a charge and will be processed by the bank in a few days.
  • Can I do partial payment using my eWallet?
    If your eWallet balance is lesser than your total trip amount, your credit/debit card will be charged the total amount instead.
  • Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?
    At Neuron Mobility, we strongly recommend and encourage the use of helmets. Helmet laws differ from city to city. Please refer to your local regulations for relevant and updated rules before riding!
  • Am I covered by insurance?
    All riders across operational cities are covered. If you have been in an accident, please fill this form or contact customer support as soon as you can.
  • Do I require internet connection throughout my trip?
    You will need an internet connection to start and end your trip.
  • What is temp lock?
    If you are going for a quick bite or dropping off a package and would like to return to use the same scooter, you can temporarily lock your scooter and continue your trip later on with assurance that the scooter will still be at your parking spot. The maximum allowance of temp lock is 60 minutes. If it goes pass the time limit, your trip will be auto ended and the scooter will be released for the next user. Please note that per minute charges still continue to run while the scooter is in temp lock.
  • What should I do if …
    • I received a message that my trip was auto ended?
      • If you did not end trip or temp lock your scooter before leaving it idle, your trip will be auto ended in 30 minutes to prevent misuse under your account. If a scooter goes missing after having been left idle while unlocked, you may be held responsible for any theft or loss of the scooter.
      • Scooters in temp lock will have their trips auto ended after 30 minutes has passed and will be placed back into circulation to ensure that other users can use the scooter.
    • I unlocked a scooter but could not use it
      The scooter may not be suitable to ride for a variety of operational reasons. Please send in a support ticket through the “Help” section in the app.
    • My scooter ran out of battery halfway through the trip?
      Upon unlocking the scooter, you will be able to see the battery level on the scooter’s dashboard as well as in your app. Please manually push the scooter and return it to the nearest station once the battery level falls below 2 out of 5 bars.
    • My app hanged or is taking too long to load?
      Ensure you have internet connection before you try to kill and restart the app.
    • I’m unable to end my trip
        • Please ensure that your GPS and bluetooth settings are both turned on
        • Kill and restart the app to check if your trip has ended
        • If the issue still persists, please contact customer support through live chat or send a support ticket through the “Help” section in-app.
  • What if I exceed past time limit/terms?
    Not to worry, you can still use our scooters. Per minute charge will apply after exceeding the pass time limit.
  • Why did I get a recurring charge on my credit/debit card?
    Passes are auto-renewed unless you opt out at the point of purchasing the pass. You can unsubscribe under the “Rates & Subscriptions” tab.
  • What should I do in the event of an emergency?

    For Australia, please refer to this page: AU Emergency
    For New Zealand, please refer to this page: NZ Emergency

  • This scooter is damaged.
    You can report a damaged scooter by clicking on “Help” in-app followed by “Scooter Breakdown” or via this form. Thanks for helping us maintain the Neuron fleet in tip-top condition!
    Neuron Mobility in-app help screen

    In-app help screen
  • I have a safety concern with this scooter
    You can report this issue by clicking on “Help” in-app. If you’ve been in an accident while riding Neuron, please submit the details here.
  • How do I report bad parking?
    Thanks! We appreciate you looking out for errant riders. Please report bad parking by submitting the details here.
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