Take the #SaferRide in Brisbane

5 quick safety tips for your next scooter ride

1. Helmets first

Do you need to wear a helmet while riding an e-scooter in Brisbane? If you ever had any doubts, the answer is yes! It is mandatory by local laws for all riders to wear a helmet. Anyone caught without a helmet while riding can be fined $130. 

Helmets On
Helmets on and you’re ready to go

All Neuron scooters have a helmet attached. Rule of thumb – make sure you strap on and buckle up before you start the ride! If you spot a scooter missing a helmet, you can also report it to us by scanning the QR code of the scooter. Our operations team will be on the ground as soon as possible to top them up. Similarly, if you spot a stray helmet, you can also let us know about it via any of our social channels, on Facebook or Instagram

Helmets On
Helmets on for a #SaferRide 

2. One at a time

No doubling up when you’re on a scooter! Our current N3 scooters are designed for individual use. When the weight is overloaded, it might cause it to go off-balance, making it more prone to accidents. So remember – just one at a time!

One Time
One at a time

3. Watch your speed

The Queensland road rules state that the speed limit for rideables, such as e-scooters are capped at a maximum speed of 25km/h. Not to worry if you are on a Neuron scooter as the default speed on our scooters are set to the first mode at 15km/h. The maximum speed on our scooters are capped at 25km/h. You can also refer to how fast you’re going from our scooter dashboard.

Shouldn’t be this quick on a scooter

To further ensure the safety for all users, we have geofencing technology to set up designated speed zones across the Brisbane CBD. Once a scooter enter such Low Speed Zone (denoted by the shaded area in yellow on our in-app map), our scooter will automatically reduce its speed. Nevertheless, it is always important to stay alert and look out for any pedestrians or oncoming traffic.

4. Off the road
This might not be exactly Old Town Road, but the Brisbane roads are definitely not for any horses or scooters. When you’re on a scooter, keep off the road at all times. The only time when you are permitted to do so is when crossing the road or to avoid obstructions on footpaths.

Old Town Road
Even on Old Town Road, no scooters allowed


5. Kerbside, best side

Where should you end a trip after completing a ride? We have parking stations located across the city (denoted by the parking P icon) and we strongly encourage all riders to practice considerate riding habits by returning to these locations (PS: There’s a little reward when you return the scooters there!).

When parking the scooters, always park it near the kerbside (at least 75cm away from kerb)  and avoid blocking any footpaths. It is never a nice sight to have scooters or bicycles lying around and obstructing the way. If you happen to spot any non-compliant parking, do contact us through our social channels and our operations team will attend to it as soon as possible. 

Game of Thrones
Would ya park on the kerbside?

Let’s do our part for a more pleasant and safer travel journey for all.

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