Best buys from Cyberjaya’s Family Mart


Best buys from Cyberjaya’s Family Mart

Top 10 items to check out for your next late-night supper

FamilyMart is Japan’s second largest convenience store chain, with over 20,000 stores across Asia selling their world-famous ready-to-eat meals. They opened their doors in Malaysia in November 2016 and have been an absolute hit – expanding over 100 stores nationwide since then.

In July 2018, they launched their Cyberjaya outlet at
DPULZE Shopping Centre complete with all their familiar products. From their famous Odens to their ice cool frozen Frappés, here’s a list of items you must try at FamilyMart Cyberjaya!      

  1. Oden

    Oden, a popular Japanese one-pot dish, is the perfect snack to warm your bones on a cool day. Traditionally, it consists of ingredients such as boiled eggs and fish cakes served in a fragrant dashi broth. Its simple nature yet bold flavours make Oden a hit with almost anyone who has had the privilege of trying it. 

    Oden at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Oden set – Udon bowl with Korean Odeng Fish Cake and Ajitsuke Tamago (RM8.60)
    Oden at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Oden Menu at Family Mart

    At FamilyMart Cyberjaya, you can choose your starter bowl (from RM3) with the traditional soy-flavoured dashi or go for something a little more fiery, with their Tom Yam broth – a local favourite. Couple this with any of their plethora of ingredients – from their ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled egg) to their fish cakes and chicken balls – and there you have yourself a delectable bowl of Oden!

  2. Onigiri

    If you are craving a quick snack to fill you up, look no further than FamilyMart’s selection of mouth-watering onigiris. This traditional Japanese stuffed rice ball is known for how convenient it is – and not to mention how delicious!

    You can choose between the tuna mayo, chicken and salmon versions of this classic dish, or go for their monthly limited-edition local flavours such as the otak-otak!

    Onigiri at Family Mart Cyberjaya_2
    Otak-Otak Onigiri (RM4.50)
  3. Dessert Sandwich
    Yes – dessert sandwiches are a thing! These scrumptious sandwiches, or sandos as they are known, are the perfect sweet treat to tantalise your taste buds. With fresh fruit and smooth cream sandwiched between soft shokupan bread, this popular Japanese delight will definitely leave you wanting more.
    Dessert Sandwich at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Dessert Sandwich (RM5.20)
  4. Hot Snacks

    If you are stopping by FamilyMart, don’t forget to try their array of hot snacks. They have a variety of mouth-watering options sure to please everyone – from standard dishes such as karaage chicken, curry puffs and cheese sausages, to more unique items like octopus tofu and vegetarian fish balls. You can even get fried chicken freshly made to order! 

    Hot Snacks at Family Mart Cyberjaya

    Selection of Hot Snacks, from RM2.90
  5. Bento Meals
    Like any good Japanese establishment should, FamilyMart serves up a selection of the popular Nippon staple: bento boxes. They offer customers a variety of these quintessential meal boxes, from teriyaki chicken, to Japanese curry and even soboro (minced chicken) – you will be spoilt for choice!
    Bento Boxes at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Ebi Chili Bento (RM10.90)

    What’s more, if you are a fan of local favours fret not, because FamilyMart offers Malaysian dishes like the nasi lemak and mee siam. All you have to do is grab a box off the shelf, get the FamilyMart staff to heat it up for you and you’re good to go!

  6. Soft-serve Ice Cream

    After you are done wolfing down FamilyMart’s savoury Japanese specialities, cleanse your palette with one of their refreshing ice-cream cones. These soft-serves are among the most popular items at FamilyMart, so be sure not to miss them. Their matcha and French vanilla flavours are available all year round, as well as some seasonal flavours, such as coconut, melon, cheese, sweet potato and more. These creamy treats are certainly indulgent – but they are absolutely delicious!

    Soft Serve Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto soft serve (RM2.90) Photo by meng888
  7. Frappes
    Cool off in the warm Malaysian weather with a refreshing, ice-cold frappé. Hidden gems in the vast FamilyMart stores, these frozen beverages are the perfect pick me up – both for their delightful taste and their novelty.

    Frappes at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Strawberry Frappe (RM8.90)

    Pick up a frozen frappé base from the freezer – either strawberry or cookie flavoured – and simply add hot milk or coffee at the counter to create your tasty frozen drink: all without a blender!

  8. Coffee
    Aside from the frappés, FamilyMart also boasts an array of options for coffee lovers. They have bottled coffee – ranging from home-grown brand UCC’s cold brew to Nescafé’s Smoovlatte range – and even freshly-brewed coffee, using their own speciality blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans.
    Bottled Coffee at Family Mart Cyberjaya

    Bottled coffee at at Family Mart

  9.  Flavoured Milk
    Another speciality available at FamilyMart Cyberjaya is Flavoured Milk. These Flavoured Milk drinks are produced by Binggrae – the Korean F&B conglomerate known for their range of unique products – and their light, silky-smooth texture makes them a top sell.
    Flavoured Milk in Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Binggrae Flavoured Milk from Korea (RM5.38)

    Available in the original Banana flavour as well as Melon and Strawberry, there is no way you will stop at one!

  10. Brown Sugar Milk
    Last, but certainly not least, is FamilyMart’s newest addition: their Brown Sugar Bubble Milk. For all those brown sugar Boba (pearl) lovers, this is definitely the drink for you. With the fresh creamy milk and brown sugar bubbles imported from Taiwan, this Bubble Milk will give any Boba drink out there a run for its money. Not to mention – it’s almost half the price of most brown sugar milk drinks sold here in Malaysia!
    Brown Sugar Milk at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Brown Sugar Milk (RM4.90) Photo by Jess0620

Now of course, these are just some of the myriad of items that FamilyMart has to offer; there is so much more to choose from! So, what are you waiting for? Grab any of Neuron’s scooters located throughout Cyberjaya, ride on down to FamilyMart at DPULZE Shopping Centre and explore it for yourself today. Have a safe ride!  

Neuron Station at Family Mart in Cyberjaya
Neuron Parking station at D’PULZE

Enjoying your rides so far? Scoot and save more with our Neuron passes!


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Supermoms at work


Supermoms at work

Not all heroes wear capes. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honour the working mums in the office.

Working in the startup world is definitely fast-paced and challenging. But let’s be honest, being a mother is probably the toughest job on earth. Pitching to investors or sealing a deal with business partners can be tough, but trying to convince a stubborn child to eat their vegetables could just be worse!

There are probably a lot more parallels we can draw between the two experiences and both can be equally fulfilling with the right mindset and support.

We spoke to Smriti and Juan – the working mums in our Singapore office, to find out how they juggle between the demands at work and duties at home.

The daily grind

Q: Tell us more about your role at Neuron

Smriti: I manage, plan and track all financial transactions for the company as well as look after budgeting and fundraising.

Juan: I wear multiple hats in the company, but I focus mainly on business development and partnerships at Neuron.

Q: How’s your daily routine?

Smriti: The day starts at 7.30am. While getting my son ready for school, I have a quick check through on my Slack messages and skim through the morning headlines.We then have breakfast together and discuss the day.

Our CFO Smriti with her 4 year old son, Reyan
Our CFO Smriti with her 4 year old son, Reyan


Juan: I usually wake up by 8am to prepare, send my kid to school and work remotely after that. Some days I would also need to head out for meetings with potential partners.

A balancing act

Q: How do you balance both family and work commitments?

Smriti: Being organized. It helps a lot to be able to work from home on some days, I often work at night once my son is in bed and all is quiet. And my husband and I always make sure at least one of us is back in time for dinner and bedtime.

Juan: Thanks to the bosses’ understanding and help from my team, I do have the flexibility to work from home and that really helps a lot. There are sacrifices that have to be made, but I will always make it a point to spend our family time together.

Family time for Juan with her 3 year old son, Jude
Family time for Juan with her 3 year old son, Jude


Q: Any parallels between parenting and working?

Smriti: Thankfully, my boss at work is a lot less demanding than my boss (my 4 year old) at home! There’s almost no hope of managing timelines or expectations back at home. Everything has to be done immediately! 🙂

Safety first! Reyan with his very own helmet and scooter
Safety first! Reyan with his very own helmet and scooter


Juan: People management in the office is very similar to managing my kid at home! I currently have 3 interns with me, guiding them along and seeing them grow is just as fulfilling.

Working together with the BD and Ops interns
Working together with the BD and Ops interns


The Supermoms

Q: Any advice for other working mums?

Smriti: To take each day as it comes – it helps a lot when you work in a culture where getting work done is a priority rather than hours spent in the office.

Juan: List down your own priorities and make sure you keep to it. As a working mum, you would definitely need to manage your priorities for both work and home, otherwise there will be compromises.

Taking time-off for a family trip
Taking time-off for a family trip


Q: As a supermom, what superpower would you want to possess?

Smriti: So many – I wish I had super healing powers with kisses and hugs! And of course to be able to multitask perfectly, to run on no sleep, to be able to get your toddler to do what you want the first time you ask, to make fruits and vegetables as tasty as chocolate and candy – all in one!

Juan: It would definitely be the ability to teleport! I could save so much more time on my morning commute, and spend time more efficiently at work and with my family when I’m back.

To all the supermoms out there, we wish you a happy mother’s day!


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